Personal Injury Lawyers in Orange County

A personal injury claim is a type of insurance claim an injured individual can file to pursue monetary compensation for his or her damages after being injured in a preventable accident. In other words, the accident must have been caused by another party’s negligence for the claimant to recover monetary compensation for the damages he or she suffered because of the injury. “Damages” are the expenses that can arise from an injury, like medical expenses and missed wages because the victim had to leave work to recover.

Shield Litigation, LLP is an Orange County personal injury law firm handling a wide variety of case types throughout Southern California.

Common Types of Personal Injury Cases. There are many different types of accident that can necessitate a personal injury claim. They include: Dog bites; Slip and fall accidents; Accidents involving hazards present on private or public property. These are known as premises liability claims; Acts of medical malpractice; Car accidents; Truck accidents; Pedestrian accidents; Boat accidents; Motorcycle and bicycle accidents; and Injuries sustained in fights and attacks that could have been prevented if greater security measures had been employed.

In all of these case types, the claimant must demonstrate in his or her claim that the accident, and thus the claimant’s injury, would not have happened if another party had taken a reasonable amount of care to prevent the accident. In certain cases, like premises liability and medical malpractice claims, specific parties have a duty to prevent accidents. In others, like car accidents, any party can be deemed negligent.

Injuries Our Clients Often Suffer in an Accident. The type of injury that results from an accident depends on the nature of the accident and factors such as the speed at which it happened. A few examples of injuries that can result from accidents include: Cuts; Burns; Broken bones; Soft tissue injuries; and Brain and spinal cord injuries.

Seeking Compensation for Your Damages through a Personal Injury Claim

A successful personal injury claim illustrates that the victim’s injury was the direct result of the negligent party’s failure to take reasonable care to prevent an accident. This can be as simple as driving the speed limit or it can be more nuanced, like a doctor’s failure to discuss all possible complications of a procedure with the patient.

This illustration is accomplished through the use of evidence, such as photographs of the accident and testimonies from witnesses.

Through a personal injury claim, an individual can seek compensation for the following damages: Medical expenses; Lost wages and other compensation; and Pain and suffering damages.

Work with an Experienced Santa Ana Personal Injury Lawyer

When you are facing financial damages after being injured in an accident, work with an experienced Santa Ana personal injury lawyer to pursue monetary compensation for them. Contact our team at Shield Litigation LLP today to set up your legal consultation in our office. We do not get paid unless you collect compensation; there is no reason not to pursue compensation for the damages you are facing because of somebody else’s negligence.