Indoor vs Outdoor Slip and Fall Cases – Things you Need to Know

Slip and fall accidents can occur both inside and outside the premises. Knowledge of the law relating to indoor and outdoor slip and fall accident cases is important to avoid any legal problems. Individuals who are not aware of the differences can inadvertently face legal trouble if someone gets injured or dies when inside or outside their premises.

About Indoor and Outdoor Slip and Fall Cases

Indoor Slip and Fall Cases
Indoor slip and fall cases relate to inside the premises. Any of the following situations can involve indoor slip and fall cases in California.

  1. Escalators and Elevators
    In commercial settings, indoor elevators and escalators are a common cause of slip and fall accident. The mechanical devices should be free of any type of objects and debris that call result in an injury. Not cleaning the devices can cause injuries that can result in a personal injury litigation case.
  2. Stairs
    Stairs should also be well-maintained. There should be handrails with the stairs. In addition, corporations need to install handicap-accessible stairs for the disabled persons.
  3. Floors
    Floors should also be kept clean and maintained. The floor should not have any slippery material including oils, debris, and any other object that can result in a slip and fall accidents. This is particularly true in hotels, restaurants, and other establishments where drinks are served.

Outdoor Slip and Fall Cases

Outdoor slip and fall cases occur on the premises. Here are some of the cases that involve an outdoor slip and fall case.

  1. No Outdoor Lighting
    Every home should have adequate lighting outside. Make sure that there is adequate lighting in the parking lot and at the front door. You will be held liable for poor lighting conditions outside. If anyone slips and falls due to inadequate lighting, you can get sued for the accident.
  2. Snow Outside the House
    Homeowners are not legally required to remove snow or ice that forms outside the house. But if the conditions result in an accumulation of a lot of ice or snow that result in a slip and fall accident, the property owner and/or their insurance will be held liable.
  3. Slippery Sidewalks
    While a property owner is not responsible for a slip and fall accident on public sidewalks, he or she will be responsible in case the accident occurs on sidewalks near the property. A property owner will have to compensate a person who suffers injuries due to not maintaining the sidewalks used to entering in or leaving the house.

Hire an Attorney for Slip and Fall Claim Cases

If you have suffered an injury due to a serious slip & fall injury in Orange County, you’ll need to talk to an experienced injury lawyer right away. An attorney will make a solid case for you so that your best interests are represented in the court.

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